Acclaim for Qian Yi

"Truly one of the most extraordinary performers you've ever seen."

Nigel Redden, Director of Lincoln Center Festival and Spoleto General Director

New York Times Magazine
"Painting a Princess", James Oestreich, July 4, 1999.
"At 23, however she is now China's reigning opera princess, and in 'The Peony Pavillion' her talents are in full flower."

The Washington Post
"An Operatic Adventuress", Josh Broder, April 21, 2002
"More Surprising is the children's response to Qian Yi, playing the ghost...Fluttering footsteps create a remarkable illusion of floating. Blazing eyes beam out at them with a wicked glee that's downright unsettling."

The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC
"Ghost Lovers, Production revives Chinese opera form", Jennifer Hawes, May 17, 2002
"Ghost Lovers opera entertains and fascinates", Robert Jones, June 1, 2002
"The actress is Qian Yi, whose beauty really is unearthly...'Ghost Lovers' sounds and looks haunting."

More Praise for "Ghost Lovers"
"Ghost Lovers...starring Qian Yi as the lovely and seductive ghost...The elegance and beauty of Qian Yi...make for a gentle exotic spectacle."
The New York Times, June 5, 2002

Charleston City Paper
Kristen Rhodes
"She can literally communicate more with her index finger than many actors can with their entire bodies."

Shanghai Journal of Culture,
"A Du Liniang Crosses Centuries", Reng Zhi Chu, November 1998
"Qian Yi brings to life Du Liniang and revitalizes Tang Xianzu's 16th century masterpiece"

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